Thanks to everyone for being part of the Indie App Sticker Pack effort! All the developers involved in this project have been delighted and overwhelmed by our community's interest and support for the sticker pack and these great causes.  We received almost 1,500 sticker pack orders, which means over the past month, we've shipped about 200,000 individual stickers to 37 different countries.

At this point, we've shipped all sticker pack orders. If you haven’t received yours, you should expect to receive it in the coming days. The tenuous nature of shipping during a pandemic has made some postage times unpredictable, but we're eager to make sure everyone gets what they ordered — if you suspect there's an issue, reach out to us at

Together, we’ve raised a total of $10,000 for the Equal Justice Initiative and the World Health Organization. Here's how that math works out:

Indie Sticker Pack

  1. Total Sales of the Physical Sticker Pack
  2. Cost of Stickers and Postcards
  3. Shipping, Storefront Fees, Envelopes, Etc.
  4. iMessage Sticker Pack revenue
  5. Team Nighthawk Contribution
  6. TOTAL

We're rounding the total raised up to $10,000 — which means each organization will receive $5,000. We're finalizing how to transfer that much money right now.

We'll post another update after we’ve been able to confirm the organizations received their money. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us; we'd be happy to help.