Frequently Asked Questions

Who is running this thing?

The Indie Sticker Pack is an initiative from Team Nighthawk, LLC — an indie app developer out of Missouri and Connecticut, United States. We've partnered with all the other developers you see to bring you assets, but that the end of the day, we'll be the ones taking your orders, processing them, and making sure they get out the door.

You can learn more about us here.

If the proceeds are going to the WHO's COVID response fund and the Equal Justice Initiative, how do we know that's happening?

Team Nighthawk has agreed to open up completely about the financials involved in this situation with the developers involved, and with the public as necessary. We'll disclose information like sales, expenses, and how money is being donated in a timely fashion.

On the first of each month, we’ll provide a status update to all the developers participating, including statements from payment processors, an overview of what was spent and how that money has been recuperated, and evidence that any proceeds after those expenses have been disbursed to the organizations we’re raising money for. We’re also willing to provide bank statements to further verify this trail in the event of any dispute.

Only three things count as expenses:

1. Costs directly associated with maintaining the storefront web site, accepting payments, and tracking order status.

2. Costs directly associated with producing the product to be distributed: Printing stickers, printing the letter to go with the stickers.

3. Costs directly associated with distributing the product to customers: Envelopes, postage, customs (we do not anticipate this being a major concern here), etc.

By signing onto this project, developers agreed that money spent with the following companies automatically qualifies as an expense:

- USPS / / Pitney Bowes / (Shipping) / Sticker Giant (Product)

- Domestic or foreign government agencies (Regulatory and Customs expenses, if they occur)

- WebFlow / Google Domains / Stripe / PayPal (Technical Infrastructure)

Developers participating in the project have the right to challenge any expenses not from the providers above. If five individual developers contributing to the project agree that an expense was unnecessary or unrelated to the project, that expense cannot be counted when calculating proceeds, and Team Nighthawk will refund the balance of that expense into the donation fund to be given to the organizations in the next reporting period.

How long will orders take to fulfill?

At this point, we're hoping to do fulfillment ourselves (don't worry, we have backup plans!), so fulfillment will be based a little on volume of orders and when we receive resources like stickers from the printing shops. Don't expect to receive your stickers overnight shipped to you tomorrow, but we'll try and keep this on a reasonable schedule. You can expect updates here and on Twitter.